Il était fou et clairvoyant


// Voilà we are going to have a grand boulevard. Take notes! / ”Must be spacious enough to fit at least four driving lanes, two parking lanes, side streets with parking facilities, wide sidewalks, two-way cycling lanes – / -on both sides, and two- no, four lines of mature planetrees.” Eh, Highness… / what’s a parking lane? / Just make it wide!!!

In case it’s not obvious *cruel irony* the guy with fancy wig is Louis XIV alias Roi Soleil, The Sun King. He sure saw the future of modern car-dependant society.

Exhausted by exhaust fumes in front of the Versailles Palace every day is Ina


After Kati’s visit I realized that there is a piece missing from my life…


Also, a small mundane event of checking the mails revealed another serious lack in my everyday life.


Sorry, I’m not gonna translate this time. But it’s about horses and how they are awesome and how much I miss them.

Struggling with finding a good, solid word for need was Ina
(Extra super much love for those who recognize the reference :P)

Mug cakes


// Stand back! We’re gonna try science! / sugar, oil, something – I guess… Nice that someone who speaks French is reading the recipe…! / Bling! / Oops, it burned. We got a heart-shaped coal lump! / Bling! / Smells like ham. Feels like sponge. / Bling! / Wow, this is actually really good! So we just made chocolate cake in a mug in microwaves in five minutes! Not bad!

Totally carried away by peculiar pastries was Ina

Welcome to mah place!

Another comic about how my 15 square meters serve as a human dwelling.
Kati visited me!!! <3 YAY!


// How does your your burner work? Just a minute, I’ll range the groceries and then show you. / Plates are in the tub, by the way. / There wasn’t enough space on the table – so I made the table on the floor! Super!

Weird furniture solutions fondly appreciated by Ina

Spring feelings


// Wow, what a beautiful evening! It’s spring, it’s Friday and I’m in France!! / Feels good to be alive! / I wonder what to do tonight? – since I’m still young and pretty and the world is open for me… / …

Haluaisin kutsua kuvattua tilaa sarjis-kalsarikänneiksi, vaikka tavoilleni uskollisena en mitään teetä vahvempaa nauttinutkaan 😉

Firmly stuck inside the four walls was Ina

Organic bubble burst


// The little choices of everyday life make the BIGGEST difference. / … / I just bought some very expensive AIR! / Fault in our bread. Nutella goes right through… /

In fact, Nutella is no longer supported ’cause it contains PALM OIL! Instead I’ve bought some very fine, artisanal and deliciously rough Italian nut and chocolate spread which is actually made of nuts and chocolate. It’s also vegan, sans gluten and kosher. Don’t ask how much I paid.

I also half-accidentally spent my weekly food budget on organic cheeses in the market place this week. Now I have camembert for the rest of my lif– eh, month.

PS. In case someone didn’t know, ”pain” means ”bread” in French.

Odyssey of organic gourmandises in France only just begun by Ina

Ode to tradition


I’m sorry, this just doesn’t translate, at least within my skills.
(The more I think of it, it’s due to the joke being rather complicated =_=* hope Finnish-speakers still find it amusing)

The message in short is: Fresh tradition-baguette is super good! Eat it!

Already two traditions this week devoured by Ina

Shared problems

When ecologists’ troubles become troubles for landscape architects:


// Darned biologists! / And curse you Linné et al. who invented taxonomy!! / I’ve got just THIS much space in the layout for the name of this BIRD– / And somebody just happened to call it Chroicocephalus ridibundus!!! / Weren’t you supposed to be a professional in the field of visual design? Just work your magic! – Oh shut it… /

No, really: biologists, ecologists and especially Linné dearly loved and appreciated by Ina



// 2013 So these shoes are guaranteed to endure for two years without faults or wear damage. / 2014 thlomp thlomp / 2015 SCRATCH snap crackle pop / I somehow understand you can programme a printer to break when the guarantee finishes – but I couldn’t imagine it applies to SHOES as well!

Stuck in France in leaking shoes is Ina

(Oh no, this can only mean that I HAVE to buy new shoes from PARIS!!! =0_0=)