Scale model chronicles

Pienoismallikronikat, eli mitä kaikkea jännää ateljeessa tapahtuukaan kalmanlinjan edellä:

// *various weird songs playing in my head* / This just won’t do — Tell her! With pleasure. / Ahoy! / What the heck, dude, really?! Well ex-squeeze me! / Good, getting better… //

// Oh troll, it’s already six o’clock. Well, I’ll just rapidly finish with this cutting and then I must eat something… / WAAAAH! / splat / What just happened?! A time warp. What time is it? It’s half past nine. Darn! I still haven’t eaten! //

// Sleeping mattress! Halleluja! / Laugh, looks like you’re praying there / Oh the sacred models… / Attention on your yoga mats, it’s time for a small exercise. Ooooommmm / … / *easily excited* Like this? / grunt / Ah-ha! / Waaah! / Hehehe. It’s always smart to decorate the landing platform with glue and sharp cutters and your precious models. Good aim, though… //

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