These Norwegians are crazy!


// Look out! It’s like sick slippery here! / crunch crunch crunch / It is time to put on the winter gear! Have a nice trip! / crunch crunch / … / Yeah, this is a public, maintained recreational route.

I went to Norway. It was great fun!

”What do you want to learn?”

I met with my professor about my Master’s Thesis and he wasn’t that impressed by my proceedings so far. After I had presented my idea, the professor asked me *very seriously*: ”What do you expect to LEARN in this project?” and unfortunately I didn’t have a good answer to that. Obviously, I felt like a meaningless piece of dung afterwards.

Even though the world was collapsing around me (due to some presidential elections somewhere) that one question haunted me like no other. In my mental state of disappointment and meaninglessness, the only answer I could think of was: ”I want to learn how to make GIFs to better describe this sorry state of mind!”

Said and done. There you go!