My thesis in a nutshell

Or rather, my thesis-as-I-imagine-it-will-be. So, I’m preparing my Master’s thesis in landscape architecture and the subject is situating horse related activities in manor environments in Helsinki region, especially in Vantaa. I did this comic-doodle-scribble to clarify for myself (and possibly my professor, too) why I think this subject is important. The reason why I didn’t write it directly as text was that I had a crazy-ass flu (again) and I would have wanted to just die away and not to think my thesis at all. But I HAD to do something, ’cause you just have to work on your thesis, no matter what, right?!

In case there’s someone who has great insight or ideas or comments about my subject and how to proceed with it, feel free to say it aloud! 😀

There you go!


Body hair


// To put it bluntly, there’s nothing more useless in the world than shaving your body hair. / And then I chose the oriental dance as a hobby… / I can make it for the performances but the dress rehearsal often comes as a little surprise – so if you were going to say something — DON’T!! / (enjoy the view, instead) //

To be a successful performing artist, I recommend being born completely hairless.