a.k.a. Making of the Mermaids

Tämä pieni tilanne sattui viime syksynä, kun keräännyttiin MacKativerin kaa valopöydän ääreen tussaamaan euforisesti omia proggiksiamme. Tulokset löytää muuten sit scrollaamalla alaspäin, vink vink.

This little event took place last autumn when MacKativer and I were inking our comic projects in frenzy. Fun times 🙂 The results can be found below, keep scrolling down. 


/ Would it be ready now? / One art teacher in high school adviced to look at your drawings in a mirror. That way you can notice something to improve. -Good tip! / But what exactly am I supposed to see here? -Your future husband, maybe? / The mermaids just kidnapped him, though. / Curse on their fishy guts! /

Mus mus on pus pus tanskaksi. Mulla on vahva epäilys, että Kapu on jostain sieltä päin kotoisin…

Mus means kiss in Danish. I’m quite convinced Captain is from around there somewhere… The joke in this comic is based on various traditional finnish midsummer night’s beliefs where a young girl can, after performing some ”magical” stuff, see her future husband’s image in a well or in her dreams or…

Merenneitoja, merenneitoja kaikkialla!

Tadaa! Kapteeni Andreas ja Domino ovat täällä taas, vastassaan viehkoja pyrstökkäitä, mutanttivuohia ja merellinen musikaalinumero! Mitenköhän tästä selvitään?
Merenneitotarina on ollut tekeillä kaksi vuotta ja häirinnyt ankarasti erilaisten velvollisuuksien suorittamista. Julkaisun hetkellä olen sairaan ylpeä ja aivan kauhuissani, koska tarina on yksi pisimmistä ja eniten aikaa ottaneista projekteista, joita olen sarjiksen saralla tehnyt. Ainahan sellaiseen laittaa todella paljon itseään mukaan. Odottelen kommentteja ja puhaltelen paperipussiin.
Petri, kiitos ajasta ja kommenteista ja siitä ”huolisin tän seinälleni”- lausunnosta!

Huom. Sisältää paljasta kalannahkaa.

Tadah! My two-year-project has reached it’s completion, as Captain Andreas and Domino return! This time they face the dangers of topless sirens, mutant goats and a marine musical scene, oh no! Who knows what’s going to happen… Please comment and like <3. Thank you, Petri, for your time and comments and praise!

Notice. Contains oceanic nudity.
English translations after each page

/ I don’t get it. / There should be an island around here – /
/ but it must be hidden very well. / Roff! /

/ What is it, Domino? Did you see something? -Grr… / Aah! / Whoa, you almost gave me a heart attack! What are you doing down there? Let me help you. /
/ mermaid talk /
/ R-right… / Arf! /

/ Okay, this is getting awkvard. What are you –?! /
/ Aaagh! /
/ Hey get your hands off me!!! /



/ Raow raow raow! Wow, take it easy! I won’t hurt you! /
/ My name is Tiano. Don’t worry! Would you like some beef jerky? / You are the one who howled here last night, aren’t you? Are you hungry? There’s more food at my home. Come! /

/ Ahoy! / slip /

/ So it was you who cracked my skull, right? /
/ Take off these strings and I’ll show you what I think of it –!! / bwok /

/ There boy, wait — / Good boy! gnap /
/ Would you remember to feed yourself, too! / Mum? -My kid? / Can I keep the dog? /
/ Tiano dear, you can’t adopt every creature that you happen to find… -But mum! It’s different! I’ve always wanted a dog! And- and the forest animals always run away! / So does that one. -Hey! /
/ Very well, you can keep it! If it wants to stay. But then the spider gets to go. -It ran away already. Thanks mum! /

/ Hey pal, I’m going to sleep after the camp fire… /
/ If you like, you can come to sleep inside anytime you want. / -we were completely cornered here. There were so many mermaids that they attacked the fishermen even in the daylight! But it was long ago… /
/ You don’t see much of them these days. But still, empty boats float ashore every now and then. Probably they eat their victims. / No-one has come back to tell… /

/ Would you please stop hitting me with that rock! /
/ Right, so I’m going to be hanging around a while. What do you want of me? /
/ Yea yea I’m calm. /

/ Wow wow stop that! / This is getting out of hand… / Do you have a name? What’s your name? /
/ You don’t understand a word, right? / My name is Andreas. A-N-D-R-E-A-S. You? /
/ Å? / Well, get used to it because that’s what I’m gonna call you… /
/ Are those your friends? /

/ What’s going on? / Aren’t you gonna present us– ? / Oh, I see. I’m your little secret. /
/ Well, if your gals are even half as charming as you are it’s probably better / that wa– /

/ Hey, Tiano is giving away the stuff from the shipwreck! / GRRRRR! /
/ Stop that, dog! They’re here to help with the carrying. / What? Are you saying we can’t keep this stuff? -The dog thinks their owner is still alive. /
/ No it’s not! -Aye, the mermaids ate him! Tell the dog that! – Why don’t you tell yourself? / Since you speak Dog so well! – Oh shut up and help me! /

/ Bloody hell, Å, this can’t continue — What are you doing? / It was there on purpose. Doesn’t look good on you. Give it back. /
/ Do you mean I should eat this?! / It’s definitely poisonous! Take it away! /
/ I don’t care! I’m not eating that junk! / … / And get me something for the headache!! /

/ cough cough!! /
/ Aagh! / What happened to those guys? /
/ What’s that? Seaweed? I guess that won’t kill me… /

/ Dinner’s ready! Clear the table! / You wish… -This will be a record! -Patience, I don’t want my hands to shake. / You sure are familiar with that! -Noooo! -Hahaha /
/ The day my hands start to tremble I’ll retire straight away! -Tiano, dinner time! / Tiano!! /

/ Thanks. /
/ You must realize that this can’t go on much longer. You have to let me leave – before I leave this world. /

/ Kids! It’s already past your bedtime! -Good night, dog! / whine /

/ cough cough / Oh, hi Å… / I’m freezing… Not doing very well… /

/ I don’t think seaweed can solve this. /
/ So until death do us part, then? There there, you’re making me cry too. And I really couldn’t afford that… /

/ raow raow raow – Dog, come here! /
/ Domino? / And be quiet. The mermaids’ reef is close and I don’t want them here. /
/ Domino!!! / Besides, we’re supposed to pick some coconuts– / Hey! /

/ What a lot of help you are indeed!! /
/ Domino, here! -What is it now? /
/ Oh my gods! Mister, are you alright there? / Hardly. Quick, Å isn’t here, go get help… -Yes sir! /


/ The crack is too narrow. -We have to enlarge it. -With your bare hands? -Don’t you worry down there! / We could use dynamite. Where’s Joe? -Joe!! -I’m right here, no need to shout. /
/ Dynamite? Are you people planning to kill me too? / Don’t worry, Joe is professional. / One doesn’t get old in this line of work if he doesn’t know what he’s doing. /

/ Mermaids are coming! -We got you! -Can you stand? Let’s go! /

/ Å!!! /
/ Don’t hurt the little green — ! /
/ Aaah! /

/ Did you say captain? But he doesn’t even have a ship! Shut up or he’ll wake up! What if mermaids ate his- Ship? No way, dumbo! No! I meant his crew! And then he fought alone against everyone! Let me see! -What day is it? /
/ Leave him be! He’s not a circus animal! / It’s good to see you awake. You had a fever and a serious dehydration / and then you got hit by a stone as we were dragging you out of that cave. Water? – Thank you. /
/ I kept all your belongings safe, mister Captain, and looked after your dog. -Thank you! By the way, do you happen to have a hair pin? /




Ps. ”Mutanttivuohet” esiintyivät sivulla 19. Vitsi on siinä, ettei vuohilla todellisuudessa ole etuhampaita. MacKativer jaksoi muistuttaa minua tästä usein…
”Mutant goats” appeared on page 19. In reality, the goats don’t really have front teeth, which MacKativer told me quite often…

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