Kesäleirisarja 1/5: Kuinka sä onnistuit–?

Nyt tulee muistumia kesäkuulta Luonto-Liiton lastenleireiltä, joilla olin töissä. Oli ihanan kamalaa ja kamalan ihanaa 🙂
Following a series of memories from The Finnish Nature League kids’ summer camps I worked in June. It was lovely awful and awfully lovely 🙂

Ekan leirin ekana päivänä aiheutin itselleni verta vuotavan haavan kaukoputkella. Että näköjään sekin onnistuu.
After the first day of the first camp I went around with a bleeding finger because of a spyglass (!). Apparently one can hurt themself with anything in a camp setting…


Valkoinen kauhu

The White Terror

Tämä eeppinen kuva syntyi yhteisponnistuksena juhannuksen aikana. Mukana menossa olivat MacKativer, Julia ja Romeo, Julian Isoveli eli Mestari Yosa sekä allekirjoittanut (jotka kaikki esiintyvät hahmoina sarjiksessa). Ideana oli törmäyttää lastenleirien kammottavin ja legendaarisin kauhu, Valkoinen tennissukka sekä universumin fantastisin henkilö, joka sitä vastaan voi taistella: Tohtori! Loppu on historiaa.

This epic comic was created during the midsummer holidays with contributions from MacKativer, Julia and Romeo, Julia’s Big Brother a.k.a. Master Yosa and yours truly (all cast as characters in the comic). Idea was to collide two legendary characters, a local kids’ summer camp horror, the evil man-eating abomination of The White Tennis Sock, and the one and only person in the whole Universe who can fight it: the Doctor! The rest is history.

Find MacKativer’s blog here!
Romeo and Julia live here!

/ Hssss / Rawr! /
/ Burp /

/ Didn’t I stop you once already? / Well, I’ve seen worse working environments… /
/ Ha! The trail is still fresh–! / sproing /
/ Who is that? -Why is he wearing a suit? /
/ Hi, umm, have you seen a kind of a- kind of a white tennis sock? /

/ Hsss / Run!!!/
/ No, no, no, no! / Don’t you dare! /
/ – Hang on in there, funny suit guy! /

/ Stop! You’re not helping at all! /
/ Oh no! -Sorry! – What are we going to do now? / I have– / a secret weapon! laundry washing powder /
/ It only grew bigger! / Oh no! / To be continued…

/ Does it have ANY weaknesses? – Yes! It hates the smell of gasoline! (Like the rest of intelligent beings…) / Quikcly! We need gasoline here! -With or without oil? /
/ Doesn’t matter! Just throw it here! -Okay /
/ Bite this! /
/ Hooray! Eeeek! /

/ Right, the problem is solved for now, but.. -Hey, you’re bleeding! You need some first aid! / Luckily we took the course! Off with the shirt! We have Minions bandages! – No, stop! /
/ Would you like to stay and make some pancakes with us? – I guess there’s time for that. Can I keep my shirt on this time? /