Linnan juhlat 2018

// Is it going — ? Ahh — Right! / Quite tight! / Look look look! / … //

// Wow, an invitation to the President’s Independence Day Reception. – Who are you going with?! – You need to pick up a cadet! / We should take the Tinder photos now. I hope you get a chance to show someone those… / Go and find a very wealthy man! -Yeah… / If someone wants to escort you home you should take him all the way to bed, too! – #%&! It’s a national Independence day party, not a dating soiree! //

// Nature and environmental organizations in the Independence Day Reception / Glad I didn’t wear long underpants. I wonder if stage diving would work. You could make a rope of your underpants and fling to the chandelier… And drag a banner! Every self-respecting NGO always brings a banner. Imagine GP, they wouldn’t even be invited and here they would be climbing somewhere. A banner of parachute fabric, folded thin and smuggled here… I bet you could fit quite a large banner under a large enough dress! //
// Vegetarian food!! / With a little downside… //

// Would you like to danc– YES! /
// Six cadets later: That’s enough woman! Go home! -You rats! / Quite a party… //

Edustin kotojärjestöäni Linnassa, olipas hauska reissu 😀 Koska en vieläkään viitsinyt raahautua skannerin tykö, saatte edelleen nauttia älypuhelimen kameran ja muoksintasovelluksen jäljestä. Sori, et tekstit näkyy huonosti!