Best kisses are horse kisses.
Mun olisi pitänyt kirjoittaa dipuskin viimeisiä kappaleita. Sen sijaan unelmoin. Pian alkaa olla puoli vuotta siitä, kun oon viimeksi koskenut hevoseen ja jollain oudolla tasolla sen kyllä huomaa. On hevosenkaipuu…

Pellot kaupungissa

Trigger warning: sisältää häiritsevän ajatuksen eläinten syömisestä / contains a disturbing idea about eating animals


/ If you happen to have a field in the middle of your city, don’t develop it but put horses there instead. They’ll delight people until the climate change makes two thirds of the planet uninhabitable. /
/ When the climate refugees arrive to the North you may first eat the horses and then start to cultivate the fields again. Everybody wins. /

Eksyksissä ratsupoluilla

/ Soon we’re not gonna fit here at all! / Could we establish a municipal bridle route? /
/ I’ m not gonna have some horses running around my estate! -They won’t be running around – but along just one route! /
/ The municipality cannot force anyone, these matters should be negotiated on a voluntary basis. -And it can’t be regarded municipalities’ core function…/
/ I spend my days trying to make a living keeping the stable clean and giving riding lessons. I ain’t using my free time to negotiate with some landowners!! /
/ … /

Beware of the talking heads! I could probably have done this pic without so much text… Notice: Could have. Probably. Oh well…

Month of Heroes: S


WRONG! Sherlock, it’s not A horse it’s THE horse. Or THE Mustang to be extremely accurate. Don’t talk about the stuff you know nothing about.

Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron directed by Kelly Asbury and Lorna Cook
Sherlock by BBC

And yes, I know Sherlock doesn’t say ”Elementary”. It was there for the humour.

Month of Heroes: G


I SAID I had a weak spot for animations in my heart.

Here Gru is obviously trying to sneak past Gromit to snatch some heist-o-matic props from Wallace’s lab. Unfortunately Garret’s pet unicorn was left behind, which caused a quarrel between Garret and Geoffrey, who wanted to continue with the mission. Greg and Glen were fast engaged in the dispute, which was soon about to involve Grant and Gerry as well. George was distracted because he dreamt of gorgonzola cheese.

Despicable Me directed by Pierre Coffin (like the coolest last name!!!) and Chris Renaud
Wallace and Gromit by Nick Park

Työtä tunteella

/ Moody blues with master’s thesis: / The Finnish horse is forward-going, humble and honest and always gives 110%. / Overflowing movement -bohoo / Linguistic frustration: -It’s societal-political analysis on horse economy in Swedish! I want to understand this! Why don’t I undertsand this!? / Underpaid unsupported underestimated no more! Horsegirls unite! -Fiery feminist outbursts / Good luck with that. /

#hobbyhorserevolution #hästsam #mutantandproud

Huomenna/Tomorrow: Month of Heroes!

Horses versus inhabitants

Dippatutkimuksissani ei ole ilmennyt, että hevostallin ympäristössä asuvat ihmiset laajamittaisesti valittaisivat hevosista. Sen sijaan tallinpitäjät saattavat valittaa asukkaista.
According to my investigations for the master’s thesis, inhabitants living close to a stable rarely complain about horses. On the contrary, the stableowners may complain about the inhabitants.


/ It’s not allowed to ride here! -It’s a bridle path! /
/Haha yeah it’s a shepherd dog. I thought the ponies could use some exercise haha. /
/Toot toot! Notice: Never honk at a horse and its rider! It may be deadly! /
/I can’t stand looking at those poor creatures just standing there in the mud without anything to eat. This is pure cruelty, you won’t get away with this! The animal protection will be notified about this! -Dear Lord, how stupid people can be! /

Horses versus planners

So municipalities build recreational routes as a basic service for joggers, cyclers and skiers. / -Yes. / But not for riders? -Well, no. /
/ Municipalities build and maintain swimming pools, football fields and ice rinks. -Yes, yes and yes. / But not riding arenas? -Um, no, but we can’t favour just one sport– /
/ Municipalities build skateboard parks!!! / Oh, not this #@!% again… /

/ There will be hundred thousand new inhabitants, we must develop this area. -Yes, but there is one stable there– / WE MUST DEVELOP! /
/ The new inhabitants move in. / So where can we go riding? -Oh? /
/ Pity, we’ll just have to drive to the countryside then… /

Nämä kuvat inspiroi rakas diplomityöni. Tässä saattaa myös olla suurin mahdollinen omaan jalkaan ampuminen meneillään, kun toisella kädellä yrittää päästä kunnalle töihin ja toisella piirtää vaan irvailevia sarjakuvia. Eli tosikoille tiedoksi: arvostan suuresti kaavoittajien tekemää tärkeää työtä! Pääsisinpä heidän joukkoonsa! Mut muistaisipa ne nyt ne hevoset kuitenki!
These comics were inspired by my master’s thesis and peri-urban land use dynamics concerning equine sector. And I didn’t even need Landscape Urbanism Bullshit Generator