Jengi kokoontuu

… valmistuminen lykkääntyy.


/ Hey who are you?! What are you doing on my computer?! -War. Hi! I’ll just send this one tweet… /
/ You hacked Trump’s twitter — and called Kim names — Are you trying to start a nuclear war?! -Yep. Plague, now! /
/ NOT AGAIN! / Sorry little one. The world will end before you finish your thesis. -Oh you suck! /
/ We should ask the downstairs to speed up the schedule, though. It’s gonna get tight! – I hate you all! /

Ette muuten usko, millainen sirkus oli saada tää sarjis nettiin! Milloin skannerijälki oli kauheaa, milloin ei Photari auennut. Ja sarjisblogien mediakirjastokin lagasi. Huh. Ja lol. Kolmen päivän projekti.

Petikaveri iskee jälleen


/ Death! What the #@%! is Plague doing in my bed?!/
/ They likes you. -Whaaat!?/
/ Sneeze /
/ They has a funny way of showing it… -That’s so hilarious! Cough! /
/ So back to bed then! Unless you wanna do something nice with ME. -In your dreams! Cough! /
/ Just so you know, you’re such an unfair person! /

I’m not quite sure whether Plague is a he or she, hence ”they”. Needless to say, as long as they stick around, my thesis is going nowhere…

Miksei edisty


/ At last I’m progressing with my thesis. /
/ Oh bloody DEATH!! /
/ How is it possible that I’m sick AGAIN?! – Hey, it’s not my fault! /
/ It was Plague /

Lisää Maailmanlopun ratsastajia ehkä tulossa, ehkä ei…

Kesäleirisarja 2.0: Nurtsia nurin 6/6

Kahden lastenleirin päälle oli vielä talkooleiri. Varoitus: Sisältää virheellisiä työasentoja! Huomasin vasta tussatessa, että tässä kuvassa niittoasennot on kuvattu aivan päin prinkkalaa!
On the top of two kids’ camps I participated on a voluntary work camp. Warning: Comic includes flawed work ergonomy! I noticed too late that I had drawn the reapers totally wrong…

Reasons to come to the Nature League voluntary work camp:

/ Die-you-#@%!-tuft-of-grass! /
/ Erm, you have to use more spin. /
/ Anyone can advice! Please, demonstrate! -But-but- /
/ This gown is so hot! -Do you see someone wearing any clothes in here anyway? /
/ Now we’re talking! -It’s a professional after all! /


a.k.a. Why my thesis doesn’t progress:

/ How’s your thesis coming along? /
/ … /
/ Oh, is she–? Can I take her now? – Thesis making is not that deadly! Get lost! /
/ Waah! I had a terrible nightmare! My thesis was completely trivial. I never graduated! – Maybe you should start doing something about it! /

Gradumörkö on purrut kovaa viime viikkoina. Rouskutellut ja makustellut. Jäljelle on jäänyt vain tutiseva kasa hyhmää. Apua…?