Kesäleirisarja 2.0: Nurtsia nurin 6/6

Kahden lastenleirin päälle oli vielä talkooleiri. Varoitus: Sisältää virheellisiä työasentoja! Huomasin vasta tussatessa, että tässä kuvassa niittoasennot on kuvattu aivan päin prinkkalaa!
On the top of two kids’ camps I participated on a voluntary work camp. Warning: Comic includes flawed work ergonomy! I noticed too late that I had drawn the reapers totally wrong…

Reasons to come to the Nature League voluntary work camp:

/ Die-you-#@%!-tuft-of-grass! /
/ Erm, you have to use more spin. /
/ Anyone can advice! Please, demonstrate! -But-but- /
/ This gown is so hot! -Do you see someone wearing any clothes in here anyway? /
/ Now we’re talking! -It’s a professional after all! /


a.k.a. Why my thesis doesn’t progress:

/ How’s your thesis coming along? /
/ … /
/ Oh, is she–? Can I take her now? – Thesis making is not that deadly! Get lost! /
/ Waah! I had a terrible nightmare! My thesis was completely trivial. I never graduated! – Maybe you should start doing something about it! /

Gradumörkö on purrut kovaa viime viikkoina. Rouskutellut ja makustellut. Jäljelle on jäänyt vain tutiseva kasa hyhmää. Apua…?