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Kävin pitkästä aikaa Sarjakuvakeskuksen nuorten maanantaipajassa!! Heti iskettiin eteen painava ja monimutkainen aihe: rasismi. Se oli tosi vaikea asia lähestyä, mutta piirsinpä kuitenkin jotain.


Terveisiä Sarjakuvakeskukselle: voisiko skannerin linssin pyyhkimisen sisällyttää siivoojan toimenkuvaan?
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From Tallinn with love

This is the final work from the Tallinn comic camp, done mostly on a ferry home. It’s also my second contribution to the day comic series done in the camp.
I’m quite sure there should be a ”plane” somewhere in the name of Tallinn Sea plane harbour museum. Oh well.


Irritated by drunk Finnish cruisers was Ina

Wild west goes role playing

On the last day of the Tallinn comic camp we drew comics based on a role play. It’s really hard to explain how it works in here, but we had the characters and dices and point calculations and what not. The first two panels were given as a start and the rest of the story just started to grow from there.

By the way, this was also made to be a booklet, so it reads a bit differently posted like this. Think it as spreads so it’s easier to follow the story.


Man I like drawing big noses.

Unable to get her punches through because of a tricksy dice was Ina

Horse mythology

Still works from Tallinn! Task was to make a comic about your favourite mythological character. I had hard time choosing and asked for help from the group – and so Jonna and Matilda told me about the birth of Sleipnir, the eight-legged-horse of Odin from Asgard. Great stuff, worth a comic 😀
So there you go:


Spider foals loved dearly by Ina

One trip ten genres

Stuff from the first day of Tallinn comic camp – idea was to draw a story about how you came to Tallinn in ten different genres. So we made ten little booklets and drew. There are some that are in just to make the series complete and some that are actually really good as stories/comics, to me at least.

Also, sorry about the image quality. These were quickly drawn and never inked and it shows a bit…

One of them is completely fictional, so it isn’t really based on any real event. Can you tell which one?











I’m gonna spoil it for you: I didn’t fall down the stairs. Everything else was really experienced by Ina


Works from Tallinn comic camp! Here we heard first a comprehensive lecture about history of comics in Estonia and Finland. The task was to pick three styles from there: not-your-thing, awesome and hard-for-you. Then we were supposed to make a spread about three topics: what’s hard, what you dislike and what you like in Tallinn.

Now your task is to try to guess which style and which topic belong together, mwahahaa!


Four pairs of colourful socks bought by Ina

Finland – Estonia Comics Cup

In the comic camp, one morning started with an epic Youtube marathon, through which we learned everything there is to know about Sweden, Finland and Estonia. And then we drew comics about them. I’m sorry, but this time Sweden wasn’t inspiring at all. Note though Fågel and Abba there somewhere…

Estonia: I recommend you watch a video called ”Olla eestlane on halb” from Youtube. This comic is based more or less in the feeling. And of course I found the one horse reference in the six-and-half-minute video… There you go!


Finland: This is based on Rare Exports, obviously.


I felt a distinguished stab of guilt while drawing naked Santa Claus ass and thinking about my hard working school work group drawing masterplans back in Finland…

Enchanted by Estonian magic was Ina


There’s a funny finnish proverb ”Siitä puhe mistä puute” which roughly means ”You’re talking about things you’re lacking”. Since it took the most part of my sleeping time to scan my comics from Tallinn comics camp yesterday, I’ll publish now a collection of dreams related comics (which were made on the camp (Which was supergreat and fun and oh man I miss it.)).

More Tallinn memories will be uploaded soon (= as fast as I can PhotoShop)!

Task was to start the comic with a pose you were when falling asleep and to end it with a pose you woke up.

Same again with 100% more dinosaur

BTW these comics were originally made as small booklets which may affect the reading experience. Oh well…

Here task was to make a comic about a dream you’ve really had. I did, but to make the story work better I added some drama and excluded one Transformer… :”(