The Finn vs. the Sun


// *odd collection of battle cries* / Z-zapp! Waaaaah!! / Mwahaha! Rhâââ! Outchie! //

6-0 for the Sun!!

Quality of the English translation of this comic seriously questioned by Ina. Who did it?!

Carpe diem


// It’s spring! It’s Friday! / I’m young and beautiful and I’m in France! / The world is open and full of possibilities! / gargle gargle rrrump rump splosh splash //

In the possession of heaps of clean clothes to wear on Saturday is Ina

Bad influence

I caught a flu of the century in Hamburg and was bed-bound for DAYS. These sorry scribbles were done in the eye of the storm.


// *Various coughing and sneezing* / I’m one walking biohazard… /
Professor Tanant of studio course 7 appears to me in delirium. / Why aren’t you working on the scale model? Mercy, professor, can’t you see I’m not okay… / That’s no reason to — What would you like me to do?! Make a model from used tissues? Or from my own dead body?! / … / NOW I think we’re getting somewhere! Oh, begone! /
Neti pot! I’ll give half a kingdom for neti pot! But you don’t have half a kingdom. / I’ll give my firstborn for half a kingdom!! Fair enough… //

Craving for pizza as well was Ina

Sometimes it feels like this…

alias Scenes in restaurants


// Le Festin Nu, Paris: We could order more bread. Ina speaks the best French, Ina will order. / Waaah!! /
Jim Block, Hamburg: Okay Ina – the guys in our class, who do you think is the most good-looking? /… / Hm, well… /
Catch of the day, Hamburg: *in bad German* I’d like to have fish’n’chips and apple juice, please. Bla bla bla ( question in German)? / coughh / *in French* I’m sorry I don’t speak German, actually. Wait – damn! //

Julia and Romeo visited me, yay! I went to Hamburg, yay! I caught a flu there, un-yay…

Restaurants of Europe frequented by Ina

Mug cakes and little something special…


Is there anything better than a cake in a mug? / Yes. / I’ll never find a real boyfriend if I keep falling for the comic heroes…

Corto Maltese – Sous le soleil de minuit was okay, but only as good as a pastiche (or hommage) can be, unfortunately. Like very good quality fan-fiction. But one or two aphorisms-to-put-on-a-T-shirt too many for my taste.
Anyway, thank you the municipal library of Versailles for offering me this intriguing treat. Luuv ya!

More mug cakes on the make tonight by Ina

Awesomeness 100%


Now I’ve done it, no need to do it again. Because it was actually very unpractical, the baguette kept almost falling all the way home. But what wouldn’t you do for a picture, right?

Ma petite trottinette aimée par Ina