Summer reading

a.k.a Antispeciesism for donkeys

// Aymeric Caron: Antispéciste / Humans and animals have a lot in common. These shared features include, for example, consciousness, sense of pain and emotions — / Every animal is a conscious and intelligent individual. Like humans, animals show empathy, solidarity and sense of justice. / Some species even have superhuman skills — / That’s right, don’t you think, Cadet? / … / *clip clop* / Well, you probably knew that already… / Or maybe he just didn’t dig my accent… //


// Antoine de Saint-Exupéry: Terre des Hommes / Two days after our plane crashed I’ve drank only a drop of rosé and walked almost 200 kilometres under the merciless sun. / My throat hasn’t yet dried completely, but it’s aching and sore. Small droplets of light have started their dance in the fringes of my vision. / The treacherous wind of the desert caresses my face and dries my blood with it’s every soft breath — / Oh please!! / Saint-Ex needed only keep himself alive! //

I recommend Terre des Hommes (Siipien sankarit suomeksi) to all who like the works of Hugo Pratt and Hayao Miyazaki who, in my opinion, share more or less the same world view and are amazing artists… When I grow up I’d like to be like one of them.

Horses and other animals


// … / I’m going to sleep, good night! Good night, Manon! / Waah, there’s an enormous animal! Is it a wild boar? / No, it’s a rhino! ??/ Wow!//

I spent my summer in french countryside, doing voluntary work on two horse farms. I met lovely equines, of course, but also some very interesting, beautiful or otherwise absolutely cool animals as well.

Forests of the world


//If you go to the forest in Finland, it’s awful: Mosquitoes! Nettles! Mud! Snakes! Ticks! / If you go to the forest in France, it’s definitely even more awful: You can find all the same things here AND all the plants have spikes! //