Osallistuin joululomalla hiihtovaellukselle, joka suuntautui Litokairaan. MacKativerin tuotettua aiheesta oman ansiokkaan raporttinsa, ja potkittua minua tekemään saman, tarjoan nyt teille oman näkemykseni reissusta.

Varoitus! Saattaa sisältää häröpalloilua.
Ja OMG ZOMG! Värejä! Mitä on tämä 0_o

// I patricipated on a ski trek on Christmas holiday. Here are some memories from there. Warning! May include uncanny situations.

Check out my friend MacKativer’s comic about it as well! //

// When you ski in pitch black on totally flat land, the reality reduces down into a weird combination of shadow and movements. / Snowflakes leave afterimages in the beam of the lamp. / In the morning it looks like a pack of My Little Ponies was galloping past. //

// ’Let it go’ from Frozen was the official song of the trip. //

// So I was thinking… / Guy is a genius. Guy is an animal. Every girl needs a gentle stallion. / Tough guys need love and vitamin C. Tough guys are for girls! / Exactly! / *LOL* / *snigger* / *ROFL* //

// … / Whoa! What was that?! It freezes! The ice is taking new shape! I’ve never experienced anything like that!! / It felt like a giant ice whale was passing under us. //

// Equipment / I have a hole under my armpit. / When there’s wind, the cold goes right throught to the deepest layers. / Hang on in there! *clatter* / Wind is also threatening my cheeks. / One must cover herself. / Maybe with a fleece jacket. / If it’s dark, it doesn’t matter if you can’t see anything. / The winter garment of the year is — British army quilted winter pants! / Hot in every meaning of the word. If I had a beard and meaner character I’d be like Rasputin in ’Corto Maltese and the Gilded House of Samarkand’ comic. //

Go big or go home

Tällaisiakin tuli espressopäissä pohdittua (huom. en yleensä juo minkäänsortin kahvia). Pahoittelen krouvia kuvanlaatua, tää oli nopsaan piirretty ja kirjaston kuvankäsittelyohjelma oli vähän ressukka.


// I could apply for a job in the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry / and have a great career – and become / the National Landscape Planner! That would be so cool! I could protect all the forests. / Oh yeah, impossible is nothing… //

Dream on, babe!

Metropolin vihreä infrastruktuuri

Ihanuutta goes city planning! Here’s a compilation of all the green structures of Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Sipoo according to their up-to-date general plans. Not including water. Not in scale. Took me days. So pretty!


Yeah, I know I’m weird 😛


Vuoden 2016 huippuhetket tiivistettynä:

// Highlights of the year 2016 / Winter: The pale sun that lit Versailles Palace in February / Spring: Experience à la francaise / Summer: Tatiana’s gallop / Autumn: Feedback I got from my comic project. Rocking on well! //

Myös vuosi 2017 oli menestyksekäs:

// Also the year 2017 was prosperous: / Spring: World here I come! I graduated / Summer: I got a real job which brought me real salary and real professional experience / Autumn: I learnt how to orient with a compass and there were no longer places I couldn’t find / Winter: The man of my life tripped me //

My favourite joke nowadays is this:
We don’t serve for time travelers, said the barman. The time traveler walked into a bar.

Hyvää tätä vuotta!
Happy this year!