Ihanat kollegat


// I think it’s unpolite to use a phone during a meeting. / That must be the most reasonable thing I’ve heard you say these last weeks — or months. / Thanks. That must be the nicest thing you’ve said to me – ever. //

Viimeksitullut tietää parhaiten


// I was moved here from another department. Where is a trash bin? / Ha! So small. That’s not sufficient at all! / Oh gods! How on earth have we survived all this time — quite well?! //

Zero waste-ajattelu pelastaa maailman roskaongelmalta. Ettäs tiedätte.



// I have an idea! Let’s spend a day in Helsinki like we were tourists. -Yes! / Top 10 things to do in Helsinki / First hit: Ferry trip to Tallinn. //


// The tourists are taking photos of us! / Let’s smile! //

Olipa kivaa! Käytiin isoilla kirkoilla, kahvilla Kappelissa, aamiaisella TinTin Tangossa, Sibelius-monumentilla, Rajasaaren koirapuistossa (<3) ja Lintsillä. Yhtiömme suosittelee!



// Someone has parked a brand new Tesla outside of the office. – Ina, is it yours? /
/ It’s not my Tesla! / My Tesla has a different color. //

And it goes to space.


Trigger warning: synkistelyä / gloom


// This workplace community is like a beaten dog. You may try to rehabilitate it – patiently, by small steps, over time… / You could also finish it with a shot in the head. //

Hiukan on ehkä v-käyrä nousussa sunnuntai-iltapäivästä… >:3



// At our office, everyone does mailing! Everybody helps! We do together! / I was hired here as an expert! I am not spending my hours for mailing! Interns can do that. /
My intern won’t do mailing, they have
real work to do! / This is mailed all wrong! Who the ”#%&! has screwed this up again?!?!? / What if we just outsourced mailing… //

Joku jossain piirsi ”Tiikeritoimistoa”. Mul on nyt näitä pupuja…