a.k.a. Why my thesis doesn’t progress:

/ How’s your thesis coming along? /
/ … /
/ Oh, is she–? Can I take her now? – Thesis making is not that deadly! Get lost! /
/ Waah! I had a terrible nightmare! My thesis was completely trivial. I never graduated! – Maybe you should start doing something about it! /

Gradumörkö on purrut kovaa viime viikkoina. Rouskutellut ja makustellut. Jäljelle on jäänyt vain tutiseva kasa hyhmää. Apua…?

Eksyksissä ratsupoluilla

/ Soon we’re not gonna fit here at all! / Could we establish a municipal bridle route? /
/ I’ m not gonna have some horses running around my estate! -They won’t be running around – but along just one route! /
/ The municipality cannot force anyone, these matters should be negotiated on a voluntary basis. -And it can’t be regarded municipalities’ core function…/
/ I spend my days trying to make a living keeping the stable clean and giving riding lessons. I ain’t using my free time to negotiate with some landowners!! /
/ … /

Beware of the talking heads! I could probably have done this pic without so much text… Notice: Could have. Probably. Oh well…


Viime viikonloppuna kävin ihanassa keppihevoskulkueessa ja esittelin Stadin museoskeneä ranskalaiselle kaverille. /
Last weekend I participated in a lovely hobbyhorse march and presented the Helsinki museum scene to a French friend.

//Sorry, this is a joke only Finnish kids born in the 90’s can understand…
#kepparitkunniaan #hobbyhorserevolution #vainysärijutut #fröbelinpalikat #toooldtoolate (?)


featuring the ”best” weather Finland has to offer, brrr!