Pellot kaupungissa

Trigger warning: sisältää häiritsevän ajatuksen eläinten syömisestä / contains a disturbing idea about eating animals


/ If you happen to have a field in the middle of your city, don’t develop it but put horses there instead. They’ll delight people until the climate change makes two thirds of the planet uninhabitable. /
/ When the climate refugees arrive to the North you may first eat the horses and then start to cultivate the fields again. Everybody wins. /



/ Ungh do I have to still continue? – Yes! It’s not finished yet! /
/ But you’ve worked so hard! You could take a break and eat some ice cream and watch Star Trek /
/ -and be really happy! /
/ She’s never gonna graduate… /


A.k.a Apokalyptiset voimat minun ja valmistumisen tiellä:


/ Everything ready for the show? /
/ Wohoo! Brilliant! Nice one, Hunger! /
/ Hey woman! When did you last eat?! – I don’t remember… – Well should you then?! – Okay… /
/ Bah. Downer. /

This comic wanted to be done in English.